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Farm Seasons

Spring on the farm is a season of new beginnings. Join us and be part of the planting cycle. Grab some gloves or get your hands dirty planting fledgling fir trees with us. 2014 Spring Tree Planting Day 10am-1pm Sunday, March 16th

Summer is the season for growing. Nurturing fruits and veggies in our farm garden, growing seeds of ideas and living with the land, we cultivate the dreams and energy for larger scale projects and the cooler seasons ahead. Late summer our mid and larger sized Fir trees get 'sheared' so they can don that tapered, trianglular Christmas tree look come December.

Fall Harvest Apples, hops, grapes, squash, tomatoes, pepper, sunflowers- oh my! The bounty of the end of summer culminates. It is a beautiful time of celebration and change, preparing for the Winter season ahead. We look forward to expanding our fruit tree production in our new orchard site in coming years, reaping the harvest of more apple, pear and nuts as well as hops and berries.

Winter is a great time to come to the farm. Walking in the evergreens you'll fall love with the smell of Fir needles and the Oregon Christmas Tree farm experience of selecting and cutting your own tree. We can provide a hand saw for your use. To help  bring your tree home easily we are also happy to net or 'bail' your tree free of charge.