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Closed for the 2017 Holiday Season

Dear Friends of Earth & Sky Farm,

We hope the season finds you well! It is with bitter sweetness that we announce we will be closed 2017 holiday season. We have genuinely cherished celebrating eight magical tree cutting seasons with you. It has been a gift to grow community, nurture traditions and raise our families together. Time flies when you are having fun!

Our search for a farm to call home led us to the end of the trail in Oregon City. As greenhorn farmers and new parents back in 2009, we dug in deep… learning through trial and error (with always so much more still to learn!). We have worked to encourage biodiversity in new farm plantings, moving away from single crop monoculture. Where Christmas trees once grew, gardens and grapes, chickens and apple orchards, hops and native plantings now take residence-- and still we love the trees. We enjoy growing the Northwest iconic evergreen trees, hosting the holiday hunt and welcoming family and friends for an annual visit. We were inspired by how this tradition took root and have sought to strike balance with our own family/work lives and impacts on the farm by gradually cutting back our annual hours over the years as our inventory lessened. Our community never faltered but rather circled closer, for which we are authentically grateful.

We hoped to compliment the tradition of harvesting trees each winter by planting new fledgling trees each spring. We began this practice in the early days but the past few years have been challenging for many Oregon Christmas Tree farmers, ourselves included, with nursery stock demand outpacing supply. For our small farm, the lack of available new tree plantings coupled with a few seasons of challenging crop damage has led us to the decision to close for the season. Mother Nature needs her time.

We recognize this seasonal closure may be cause for disappointment and we do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. We know how much traditions mean. We heartily encourage you to seek out other family farms in the area for your holiday tree this year and we would love to stay connected.

Our 2019 nursery stock has already been secured! We will be doing the work that is needed to revitalize our tree stand, planting young trees and nurturing those we have already in the ground. We are committed to maintaining our farm without the use of pesticides and are ever working to improve overall soil health to increase the health of all our crops.

We hope to be able to share the tree cutting tradition with you again soon (as well as other crops and community happenings!). If you’d like to stay connected be sure to sign up for our email list and we'll update you!

We thank you for your understanding, all your terrific support and wish you the happiest holiday season from our family at Earth & Sky Farm!

Jana, Tim, Prana & Adrik