Our Family


Gary & Pamela Ensign 

Grandparents, Farm Preserve & Baking Specialists

Grandpa Gary, "Gaga" and Grandma Pam, "Nana" are the wise elders in our family tree. Both excellent culinary artists themselves, they make delicous dishes and preserves from food grown in the region. Seasoned world travelers, they know how to make one feel at home.


Prana Rose Ensign

Quality Control

Prana Rose, now 7, nearly 8 years old is already an old hand at farm life. She loves to explore the natural world. Prana is right at home in the garden or the trees. She iss a friend to the farm animals and learns new things constantly with much amazement and delight.


Adrik Cedar Ensign

General Operations Manager

The newest addition to the Ensign family, Adrik was born on the farm in September 2011. He unabashedly enjoys the world as he has discovered it so far being especially fond of constructing in nature, shiny Christmas tree ornaments and the like.


Tim Ensign

Farm Laborer &

El Jefe of Sales and Distribution, Fort George Brewery

Tim is one of the most upbeat people you'll meet. He enjoys company and the company of the trees. A passionate craft beer representative  homebrewer and self made farmer. Tim can net a pretty big Grand Fir!


Jana Daisy-Ensign 

Farm Laborer &

National Cider Ambassador, Finnriver Farm & Cidery

Jana loves to be in the garden, holding tree pose. Yogini, craft cider gal and mother of two, Jana always keeps herself busy with life and farm work. She is happy to offer yoga classes on the farm seasonally (Spring-Summer-Fall) and locally in Oregon City at Thrive Wellness. Jana is grateful to be a greenhorn farmer in Oregon.