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A Farm to Call Home


Earth & Sky Farm was born in 2009 when two generations of our family sought a more rural life, which we found in Oregon City. We wanted to live more intimately with nature and share the experience. Our farm name seeks to honor our sense of immense awe for the natural world.

We strive to live in harmony with the Earth and the myriad of life she supports. We are garteful for the oppotunity to grow here. From rich, vital soil to the ever expansive, changing sky above we have infinite opportunity to be reminded of the vastness of the universe.

Sky has additional significance to our historic farm as our beautiful farmhouse was once home to astronomer and long-time Oregon City resident, Harold Haggart and his family. Haggart hand-constructed a sophisticated telescope and observatory which was attached to what is now our home in 1948. Haggart’s personal, “Oregon Trail Observatory” was later deconstructed after his death in 1984. The telescope was sold by his wife to the City of Portland while the dome was donated to the Clackamas Community College where it remains currently in use. The dynamic spiral staircase leading to Haggart's observatory runs upstairs and and down to the basement level in our home today.

sketch courtesy of: Jesse Smith 2016

historic photos of the observatory and farm

our farm house today